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Developed by the experts at NEHGS, these materials provide helpful research tips and techniques, essential resources, contextual information, and more.


NEHGS offers a wealth of genealogical resources through its online article archive. Written by the experts at NEHGS and well known authorities in the field, these articles cover a variety of topics, including: Mayflower research, technology, professional development, Canadian family history, and much more. You can sort articles by topic, author, or location. Browse our online article collection.

Subject Guides

Subject guides provide how-to tips and methods, a listing of essential resources (in print and online), contextual background, and more.

General Topics

Getting Started
Description: Gain tips and tools for starting your family history research

Getting Organized
Description: Learn how to organize both your genealogical research and your findings.

Genealogical Software
Description: Determine what genealogical software program is right for you.

Description: Learn how to search

Using the NEHGS Library
Description: Make the most of your visit to the NEHGS Library.

Using the Collections of the Jewish Heritage Center at NEHGS
Description: Learn about the resources at AJHS-NEA.

Genealogy for the Next Generation
Description: Educate and engage the next generation of genealogists with in class or at home activities and resources.

Writing & Publishing Your Family History
Description: Learn how to make your dream of writing and publishing your family history a reality.

Research and Resources

African American Genealogy
Description: Learn about important resources and records for finding your African American ancestors.

17th-C. New England Research
Description: Delve into the vast array of resources available for seventeenth-century New England.

Catholic Records in New England
Description: Research Catholic records in New England.

Chinese-American Genealogy
Description: Discover important resources for locating your Chinese-American ancestors.

English Genealogy
Description: Find important resources for locating your English ancestors; includes information on early New England families.

French-Canadian Genealogy
Description: Learn how-to tips, where to find key records and resources, language notes, and more.

German Genealogy
Description: Discover your German ancestors with this subject guide.

Heraldry in America
Description: Learn about the terminology, reference works, and regulatory organizations that oversee heraldry.

Irish Genealogy
Description: Jump-start your Irish research with this list of key resources, records, and repositories.

Japanese-American Genealogy
Description: Discover important resources for locating your Japanese-American ancestors.

Massachusetts Research
Description: Get a general overview of just some Massachusetts resources.

Naturalization Records
Description: Learn where to find and how to access these important records.

New York Research
Description: Learn what resources and record exist for New York family history research.

Newfoundland Genealogy
Description: Learn what resources exist for Newfoundland family history research.

Nova Scotia Genealogy
Description: Explore resources for Nova Scotia family history research.

Pennsylvania Genealogy
Description: Locate key resources for your Pennsylvania research.

Pennsylvania German
Description: Find key resources for your Pennsylvania German ancestry.

Polish Genealogy
Description: Access important resources for locating your Polish ancestors.

Prince Edward Island Genealogy
Description: Learn what resources exist for PEI family history.

Quaker Genealogy
Description: Find your Quaker ancestors using these online and printed resources.

Rhode Island Research
Description: Learn what resources and record exist for Rhode Island family history research.

Scottish Genealogy
Description: Gain valuable information about researching your Scottish ancestry.

World War Veteran Research
Description: Learn how to access records pertinent to researching WWI and WWII U.S. veteran ancestors.